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Time Synchronisation

Time Synchronisation

In today's environment, computer networks time synchronisation is of paramount importance and critical because every aspects of managing, securing, operating and debugging a network involves precision time execution of when an event occurs.

Our time synchronisation, distribution and time displays solutions are designed and suited for the most demanding and critical applications such as traffic and transportation, power plants, utilities, telecommunications, financial, trading and governments applications. 

Our time technology such as wired, wireless, LAN networked solutions are secured, reliable and time tested to suit your every need.

Time Servers and Master Clocks

New standard for all NTP clients in medium and large networks (LAN Ethernet / IP / UDP), controls and synchronizes slave clocks and other devices. Newest timecenter has up to 16 network ports (IPv4/ IPv6) for a high degree of redundant and reliability.

These high precision time servers and master clocks control clocks, synchronizes computers, supplies serial time information in various formats and provides a reliable time reference for the computer network

Digital and Analogue Clocks

These range of professional multi-function digital clocks and analogue clocks are a proven design with optional Ethernet interface and are ideally suited for use in reliability critical applications in command and control rooms, laboratories, production, process and medical facilities, offices and reception areas, schools and all types of transportation systems.

These clocks may be synchronised through hard-wired, Ethernet LAN network, wirelessly via Wifi or radio.

Indoor, outdoor, with or without illumination; we have a whole comprehensive range to suit your applications and needs.

Time Zone Clocks

Ultra reliable professional time zone clocks designed for simple 'plug and play' installation on a wall or suspended from a ceiling and provide a vast range of user selectable and configurable features with up to 15 time-zones of your choice and either printed or programmable illuminated location legends, multiple display colours, sizes and style options.

Clocks may be used individually, linked to a time reference or controlled via their standard 10/100Base-t Ethernet port.

Management Software and Accessories

Configuration, monitoring and administration of your entire time system - including master and slave clocks - on one application platform?


This is the must-have of managing time systems - and MOBATIME offers the solution: MOBA-NMS is a Network Management System. Manage all MOBATIME network devices in an entire Ethernet network on one platform.

Specialised Tower and Floral Clocks

Tower clocks, large-size clocks, and facade clocks are more than just a mere public display of time. As artistic objects of design, they attract the attention of people, bring cityscapes to life, gracing facades, and enriching the atmosphere of a variety of buildings.

We have the experience and know-how to help you realize your most ambitious projects by combining various housing designs, dials, and hands and using the latest clock technology, such as Time over Ethernet and LED illumination.

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