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Key Management System

Key Management System

With an intelligent key management system, you will always know where your keys are and who is using them. You are able to define, limit key permissions for users. Each event is stored in the Log where you can filter for users, keys and so on.


One cabinet can manage up to 400 keys but more cabinets can be scaled up so the number of keys are unlimited, which can be controlled and configured from a central office. 


Key management systems are suitable for those areas where the keys should be stored in a safe and secured place.

SMART Key Management System

We are continuously developing smart and secure storage systems that have applications in many different industries. Often this concerns simpler key cabinets and value box for customers with normal needs for security, but just as often our key cabinets are specialised for key management system for a given branch such as banks, with our secure double code function, or hotels and car rental firms with our flexible remote code function.


Other areas of application includes; banks, MNCs, factories, production plants, security firms, schools, industrial plants, hospitals, airports, and more. 


With our key cabinets and value box, you gain greater security in your organisation, but above all new ways to increase the efficiency of your work and save on unnecessary costs.

For security, safety, productivity and a peace of mind.

Some of the many advantages and benefits of this system:

  • You always know who removed the key and when it was taken

  • You’re able to set access rights separately to each user

  • Monitor how often the system was accessed and by whom

  • Invoke alerts in case of a missing key or overdue keys

  • Secure storage for your valuables in steel cabinets or safes

  • Keys are secured to the RFID tags by cable seals

  • Access to keys with PIN code, Access card and Fingerprint

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