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Amptron offers medical centers and hospitals with a secure system that incorporates synchronized time for all hospital clocks and computers. Accurate time is critical for nearly every healthcare organization as the legal consequences of inaccurate time can be catastrophic.


We offer a selection of hospital wall clocks, LED digital clocks and LED message boards in a variety of styles and sizes to match all time display needs.

Our hearing enhancement loop system and Smart Key Management system which are now an important security control in any organisation complete our product solution for the healthcare market.

Time Servers and Synchronised Clock System

Amptron's comprehensive range of time servers and connected slave clock products provide a complete time synchronisation solutions for both standard network applications and also more complex networked systems and installations.

With an extensive range of digital and analogue slave clocks design and technology, we are confident in meeting your most demanding or complex requirement. Every second counts.

Hearing Enhancement System / Assistive Listening Devices

Hearing loop systems are often the most practical, cheapest and lowest maintenance solution for giving good quality access to the hearing impaired, and is therefore becoming the most widely used solution around the world.


Once installed, a loop works for years without any maintenance cost for the owner of the venue. And not to forget – the hearing aid wearers do not need to pay for any extra receiver – the receiver is already built-in in their hearing aid! They just switch their hearing aids to T-position and enjoy the sound. That is real freedom!

Amptron range of listening aid products includes induction loop system, FM personal/semi-fixed system and infra-red system.

SMART Key Management System

Amptron's SMART Key Management System offers a simple and flexible solution for key management in every environment. Our SMART key cabinet is available in different models and sizes to cover all needs. You can expand your key cabinet by adding more compartments or key hooks as the need arises.

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