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Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions

Leading banks and financial institutions rely on Amptron solutions to foster collaboration, monitor their operations, identify problems and drive to quick resolution. 

Navigating through big data, observing highly critical time accuracy and burning long hours require the latest state of the art technology and well integrated products and solutions.

Amptron offers a one stop solution center to precise time keeping, ergonomic workstations and key assets management.

LED Time Zones World Clocks / Calendar Clocks

Ultra reliable professional time zone clocks designed for simple 'plug and play' installation on a wall or suspended from a ceiling and provide a vast range of user selectable and configurable features with up to 15 time-zones of your choice and either printed or programmable illuminated location legends, multiple display colours, sizes and style options.

Trading Desk

Amptron specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of trading desks. Our products are primarily designed to achieve technical solutions to manage high-level technology in the workplace.

Time Servers and Synchronised Clock System

Amptron's comprehensive range of time servers and connected slave clock products provide a complete time synchronisation solutions for both standard network applications and also more complex networked systems and installations.

With an extensive range of digital and analogue slave clocks design and technology, we are confident in meeting your most demanding or complex requirement.

SMART Key Management System

Amptron's SMART Key Management System offers a simple and flexible solution for key management in every environment. Our SMART key cabinet is available in different models and sizes to cover all needs. You can expand your key cabinet by adding more compartments or key hooks as the need arises.

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