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Display Solutions

Display Solutions

Planar products represent best-in-class image performance with solutions tailored to the unique needs of each application. 


Built for the most demanding environments and to customer’s exacting standards, Planar offers unmatched performance, durability, and value across our broad product offering.  Configuration flexibility, serviceability, and reliability make Planar the benchmark for specialty, digital displays and systems.

No matter the application, Planar display solutions shine with industry-leading features and performance to improve the visual experience. From digital signage to corporate solutions to control room settings, Planar’s digital displays get the job done

Matrix LCD Video Wall

Planar's Matrix LCD Video Wall System delivers a new level of visual performance. This immersive, flexible video wall combines the industry's thinnest profile ultra-narrow bezel LCD with improvements in design, installation and service, delivering on its reputation as the best-in-class LCD video wall solution.

LED Video Walls

Direct view LED video wall technology is becoming an increasingly popular retail video wall solution due to its ability to deliver seamless images, scalability to any size or shape, and excellent optimal characteristics that make video wall content look great from any angle. With advanced technology and design innovation, Amptron LED video wall solutions meet the needs of any LED video wall customer.

Large Format LCD Displays

Planar's large format displays are designed for demanding applications with high durability and performance requirements. From communicating information to enhancing ambience, Amptron's flat panel display monitor lines are the ideal complement to any retail store, lobby, or other professional application. 

Transparent LookThru OLED Display

The breakthrough LookThru® Transparent OLED display showcases dynamic or interactive information on a transparent surface glass. This revolutionary display allows users to view what is shown on a glass video screen while still being able to see through it. Designers can overlay text, digital images and video content onto physical objects or scenes that sit behind the glass. 

Touch Displays

Planar is a leader in durable, vibrant touch screen display solutions providing a range of high-quality solutions across a spectrum of interactive technologies.

From point-of-sale (POS) and kiosks to multi-user video walls, Amptron offers a wide range of touch screen display solutions for today's modern environments.

Digital Signage

Featuring an elegant design with narrow bezel and ultra slim profile, these digital signage kiosks are the perfect display solution applications in retail stores, restaurants, hospitality,

Point of Sales (POS), medical offices, museums and any public places.


Designed for commercial installations, these come with standard full array of connectivity and external control and networking with easy to use content and playback. 

Displays Controller and Software

Flexible and easy-to-use video wall processor designed to capture, display and manage multiple sources on a video wall or across multiple video walls.

It supports a wide variety of visual inputs including analog, digital, and IP network-based video and computer sources.


Industrial Modbus LED Display

The iKAN series is a family of industrial LED display devices that deliver industrial-grade anti-noise capabilities as well as reliability and stability. It is highly suitable for presenting formatted messages in indoor areas using either Unicode characters, which can be used to display multiple languages, or ASCII characters.


The iKAN-116 provides a single line of eight Unicode characters or 16 ASCII characters, while the iKAN-124 provides 12 Unicode characters or 24 ASCII characters. Support for the popular Modbus industrial protocol is provided meaning that iKAN display devices can be easily integrated into existing PLC and SCADA environments.

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