Console Desking System

Console Desking System

Amptron works with our solution partners to create attractive, ergonomic, and cost effective control room and command centres consoles.

Each console system is project specific and purpose designed and built to suit our clients' and project expectations and requirements.

Control Room Operator Consoles

Amptron delivers state-of-the-art control room consoles and storage furniture for use in a 24/7/365 environment by combining the highest grade materials with proven ergonomics.


Our purpose-design and built consoles provide design flexibility, adaptable work spaces, and a number of innovative options and features. Our console solutions focus on maximizing user workspace, seamless integration of technology, and maximizing operator wellness and productivity.

Built around your operation

With every control room different on so many levels, we've found that there can't be one design to fit every room. Bilfinger Mauell Corporation builds each console design to the operational needs and design parameters of our clients. We can customize our consoles to look, store, feel, and move, just about anyway our clients desire them to.

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